Nails above are done by Spa’logy

Sculptured Gel Nails

Pure Gel, no tips used

Full Set French – Junior tech $65 & Senior tech $80
Full Set Colour (1 colour) – Junior tech $65 & Senior tech $80
Full Set Glitter Fade – Junior tech $70 & Senior tech $85
Full Set Ombre & French Fade – Senior tech $95
Stiletto or Coffin Shape – additional $15
Extra Long Nails will be additional charges for extra product use
Back Fill French – $55+
Back Fill Colour -$55+
Nail Art – Price is subjected to the nail art
*Back Fill is when you keep the same colour/design and the technician fills in the grown out part. Wanting to change the colour and/or design would be a Full Set as we have to remove the existing nails. Acrylic Nail Removal is subject to additional charge as more time is required to remove them.

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Pedique | Gel Toes 60 mins ­- $65

This service is ideal for clients with damaged or discolored toenails. Full colors, color tips, and French tips are all included in the price. Nail art can be added. Results last up to 8 weeks.

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*Manicures and Pedicures are the perfect complimentary service, we also offer Eyelash Extensions & Tinting!